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Please Note:

Since by Chinese law the people who work in Chinese Spring Festival should get 500% salary we must raise the price in this season:
Jan.24th : riase 30%
Jam.25th:raise 40%
Jan.26th : riase 30%
Jan.27th to 30th : riase 20%

And in Chinese Spring Festival Season few wokers will work in our shop we can't guarantee to deliver on time.
If we can't do your order your payment will be 100% refund.



Since in Valentine season the price of flower in China will raise 300% to 600% we have to riase our price:
Feb.9th,10th: raise 20%
Feb.11th,12th: raise 30%
Feb.13th to 16th: raise 50%
Feb.17th to 21th: raise 20%